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Help Stop Violence Before It Starts

Deter | Document | De-Escalate | Defend

Enhanced Non-Lethal Device to Protect Your


Connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth

Outbound Calls

Program device to call number of your choosing


Record audio & video of incident


Strobe light and siren used to diffuse situation

Pepper Stream

Controlled stream - No spray in HVAC system

Our society is in the midst of an emotional meltdown. People are restless, volatile, our tempers are about to blow. Our pressure cooker society pushes us to our emotional limits.

Dr. Judith Orloff M.D.

Page 1 in the book Emotional Freedom

"When I saw the Guardian 8 System, I immediately recognized it as the first legitimage method between talking and shooting."

Rear Admiral Duncan Smith

USCG (ret.) - Dept. of Homeland Security

"The Guardian 8 Pro V2, it is truly an amazing system to help immediately reduce workplace violence.  It is a scientifically designed system to interrupt drug-induced or other aberrant emotional behavior."

Louis B. Cady M.D.

Founder, CEO - Cady Wellness Institute

"We have had incidents happen that has put the nurses in danger before my Deputies can arrive. I wanted one for the nurses. This is a programmable non-lethal deterrent, perfect for Hospitals and Schools. (My Deputies want one too)."

Paul J. Williams

Sheriff Bennett County South Dakota

See It In Action

What Can The PROV2 Do For Your Organization?

"Manage risk or risk will manage you." - Tom Ridge

DETER - stop incidents before they happen

Physician states: "The physical appearance of the ProV2 is unmistakable and reassures our peers that qualified help has arrived."

DE-ESCALATE - 3 levels of engagement

Covenant Health: "On our first day of full use of the ProV2 our security officer had to activate Level 1 to prevent a person from attacking him with a closed fist.  Our officers feel safer and it has boosted morale."

DOCUMENT - record audio & video

Retired Government Officer:  "We could have reduced or avoided several large settlements if we had audio/visual recording.  The product eliminates the "he said/she said" scenarios."

DEFEND - with non-lethal O.C.

If pepper spray can stop a charging bear, it can stop an aggressor.

How Can The Pro V2 Help Your Organization?

We have produced a few short videos to show how the Pro V2 can help your organization reduce violence and risk.


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